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Love's such an old fashion word

Posted on 2005.11.07 at 22:35
Current Mood: thoughtfulthoughtful
Current Music: under pressure by David Bowe and Queen
T minus 5 days and counting...........
To start out, I've finihsed my upgrade training and scored an 86% on the final test, the highest in my flight (even those who took the test ages ago) So I'm coming home and I'm gunna rip it up when I get there. Make sure to get your name and stop location to the HotLunch Holiday tour 05.
So I've been on a movie watching craze lately. I was disappointed in Land of the Dead & Starcky and Hutch (couldn't finish the movie) and was very pleased with SAW and the Girl Next Door (TGND). Since wathcing TGND last night my mind's been wandering to all those that I've left behind. Not saying that I'm dead or that they are, it just seems like every year I slip further and further away from those who made my past, those who matter most to me. Now granted I see most of those people almost every day via AIM, but just how many of them remember me? I dunno its got me feeling kinda funny. Maybe its just the natural way life rolls, but I don't want to happen, and seeing how (in my eyes) I've been able to do a lot of things that I should never had been able to do, I should be able to overcome, but lately I just been feeling wierd, like that my brain knows to let things go and that my heart won't let them go. Its hard to explain. ponder on this as I head on my way.

To those I can not let go of: LJ, AD, KK, SR, SW, CT

Josh "The HotLunch" Johnson

Posted on 2005.06.22 at 20:40
Current Mood: buzzed
Current Music: just close you eyes by water proof blondes
Konichiwa bitches,
Hows everyone doing? Im doin fuckin great. I just got back form a going away dinner and now we're going to experiment, how well can i write when I have 2 Mai Thai ( i love those now) and 1 mudslide. Things over here have bneen wonderful: short ppl, sushi, tropical island, its grand. We're planning to take leave in the fall so ill be home for like a month, it will be freakin sweet. Im in vol 4 of 5 in my upgrade training, Ive completed my Help line traing, and my suicide asist training, boit which where a wonderful experiance. Alright 3 things:
1. write me peeple, it seems every day that i lose more and more of the ppl i know cause im so outta touch with them.
2. Whats a cool drink to make (my new thing)
3. anyone for online d%D? (yes im a fuckin nerd)

Thats all i got, if you play world of warcraft, Im on the uldam server, as HotLunch.

Amn Josh "HotL:unch" Johnson

Set me free, cause I think you need my soul.

Posted on 2005.03.22 at 18:17
Current Mood: jubilantjubilant
Current Music: Take whats mine by mercury drive
I see the line in the sand.....

Hey my peeps wat up? We fianlly started CDCs a little bit ago. For those who aren't militaryily (yay making up words!!) inclined, CDC is upgrade training for my job, which means that all that time in that loveable hell known as san angelo texas is summed up into 5 neat little volumes of information for me to study and get tested anew............ wait a sec that doesnt amke any sense. welcome to the military.

Time to find out who i am......

my dog, Cirano Debarkiac, is as puppish as ever, and he loves to chew things up.... Grrr. hit me up with some more love people lemme hear from y'all especially my boro crew

Looking back to see where I stand......

yea my new past time is World of Warcraft its freakin awesome, if you play lemme know and we can hook up. my main char is for the alliance, so if you're horde tough love. for those not intrested please disregard. Im also doing some big comp work for other ppl so that someday they will be Josh'A'Manics as we

I'm not messing no I
Need your blessing
And your promise to live free
Please do it for me

and I'm out

Amn Joshua Johnson
Eight- Deuce Recon Squad
all around great guy

Hey Konichiwa Biatches

Posted on 2005.01.20 at 22:43
Current Mood: happyhappy
Current Music: takes whats Mine
Wow, just wow. Its been a long time, though it seems like everytime I write i say that but any ways heres the update. ready? cause its a lot to handle- 9 months of 4 years done in military (only an E2 so low man on the totem pole) I do a cool ass job that i cant talk about, I got married to Sarah Hastings on Sept 03 of 2004. and Now I'm here in lovely sunny okinawa. Military life is difficult at best, it still escapes me that although I'm serving my country I'm like a second class citizen, but oh well I guess cause when i get out big work in my field, that is if I dont just settle in to LAN Mines areana. What you dont know what LAN Mines arean is? (self plug here) Why it will be the #1 Computer gaming store in South Eastern MA just check us out here @ www.lanminesarena.com and tell them Josh sent ya (always wanted to say that. hey screw you this is my journal i'm free to be as big a nerd as i want)

Deuces I'm out

Amn Joshua "Double J" Johnson
82 RS
Kadena AB Japan

reflections part 2

Posted on 2004.02.26 at 07:12
Current Mood: contentcontent
Current Music: africa by toto
well im about 2 months away now, till I head down to texas for basic training. i've been keeping my self very busy gaming and hanging out and such. looking at the replies people left in my journal, I was very suprised to see a few of the people, people who were once a huge part of my life, and sadly now are not much more the a memory. I found out the other day that one of the two men that were like a father to me when I was younger, had undergone surgery last week, so I visted him today. Mr. Hobel is doing well, and is in good spirits, which was a huge relief to me. I'm now gunna continue where i left off last time.
Rob- you were like a brother to me, we did so much together it's incredible, just to even look back- all the car rides for wargames and scouts, all the deep, profound talks while hiking up mountains, and all the wonderful times we just hung out.
Mike- Next to Bill you're one of my oldest friends. Its a shame we stopped hanging out for so long, cause you were a great friend, all those new years eve wrestling match, and thw swf. no matter where we were, we were always having fun.
Lisa- stupid art major beating me for the pink shirt award :( we had some fun times, like when I came up to boston to see you and we had a really late night stroll to get back to your room ( stupid curran look a like) you were a good sport, even when I called you dad a robot, but you were sure to get back some how.
Kaes- my teacher, my mentor, my friend. All the car rides of just me and you and teh amny misasventure no matter where we were will always be with me. it has been a balst to hang out with you, no matter where we were or who was crying/ being fussy ( his kids not me)]
Jeffro, you are the king of the squirrels and good friend. the mere fact that you could take a really wierd idea and make it a cool, deck was awesome.
Dave, gay bill, and tyler- you're asll newer friends, and mainly my lanning buddies, but in the few times we've hung out we've had some amazing times- Thundercock, and Hot Lunchvs Chair rapist and Griever


Posted on 2004.01.30 at 00:44
I've been doing a lot of thinking in the past few days, and I've come to some very valid points, and some not so valid points. and I guess i feel the need to put some stuff down in writing where otheres can see these things. first off the smallest part- I'm official an airman in the US airforce, i ship out for basic training on april 27th, Ill be in texas for 6.5 wees and then i hould hav comute acess again.

second off, I cant stop thinking about mistakes in my past, many that i now regret deeply. im not usually one to dwell on these sorts of things but I just wanted to say that im sorry to the follow people- Lindsay, Ahu, Katrina, Celia, Kendra, Stacy, Sarah.

thirdly, i was looking through my buddy Dave's profile, and he had written a piece in his profile about his friends, and thanking them for last year at school. And for some reason it really struck home with me, and it makes me want to do something a bit more ambitious then that, so here wwe go ( and if I skipped you, its not intention, plz just lemme know and ill fix the problem)

Bill- my best friend, I've known you for like forever, we always make the greatest team, no matter what we try to do. but you are still my biddy.
Pete- you are a funny bastard but you are fucked in the head, and need to seek help. You alwya can get everyone to laugh ( or shake their head) and that is an amazing quality. but you're still an art fag
Henry-always the antagonist, your jokes are only crude, and not really that funny. But I still beleive thats from the alien sperm in your body, and the fact your a "fake" (according to "real"
artist friends of mine) artist, using your computer to make amazing pictures.
Jerry- always the serious one, yet in your serious shell i find the best humor. I dunno its wierd. You are missed greatly while you are in Cali.
Lindsay- My first love, what went wrong? I'll never know, good times though, great times, Jr prom w/ crystal ( :( ) Ill never forget the conversations we had.
Ahu- our meeting was like a dream, our love was something greater, our falling out was the worse.
Katrina- Out of everyone I know i owe you the most appoligies for a multitude of things, you'll probably never read this, but our love was like something out of a fairy tale, and the summer after and times since have been like a neverending nightmare.
Sims- you fat fucking mexican, you were so much like me, that it was scary, we were the true defination of nerds, and no one can change that. you took magic from just being a game to being an unhealthy obsession, but it was a blast and I'd do it again in a heart beat. you will be missed on the playing field. go friday night scary movie night.
Jesus- 1 of core members of josh's unite, your distinct personality was a becon of hope in sim's sea of lard... you will always remain the best noncompetive player I've ever seen.
OJ- the other core member of joshs unite. man its seems God broke the mold with you, but just duct taped it back up and made me. we're so alike more then anyone else I know, expect that i can win, and you can't.
Corey- you lived, ate, and slept magic, and that wasnt healthy. we had some fun times, like the scourge prerelease and more.
Justin- you coping bastard, coping my sneak attack deck.. sheesh. D&D was awesome and mech warrior is too. you are one of teh few people I wish I got to know a little better. oh yeah, and your gf is hot ( dont tell sarah i said that)
Joe- the keeper of the ring, you dammed hobbit, you were by far the king of type 2. playing you was both fun and not fun at the same time. your seriousness to the game is only rivaled by the length of the air on your feet.
Dave- altough you tended to get kinda kooky on us, I owe you the biggest thanks, with out you, I never would have had a chance to meet sooo many wonderful people, and experiance even more. ourt conversations were fun, and playing you was a blast.
Ben- roomate # 2. what can I say about you, that I havent already said to your face to you? Im sorry things diddnt work out thsi year and we couldnt rrom together again, I do miss lounging about in our boxers, playiong comp. games
Murph- man you are an animal, I really wish I'd had rushed when I had the chance, though the frat stuff we did do was awsome.
Sarh G- HAHAHAHA I was the only magic club memeber not to have a crush with you!! no, you were a blast hang out with, even though you hated me but hey cant win them all ey?
Stacy- Wish thinsg worked out better, cause hanging out with you was a blast, you were my savior from the army of Ben & Amber's babies
Adi- You helped get the room to myself a bunch of nights- thanks, no as my roomie's gf you get big points in my book.
Celia- yep I screwed up things big time, i wish I hadnt but no one is better at screwing up then me. I miss the few times we got to hang out, and the multitude of text messages/ phone convos.
Sarah H- wat can I say babes? you are my svaior from the darkness that was consuming me. thanks for strengtha nd love you gave me, even if I had to fight to get it. Love ya :)

alright im tired so im off to bed, but I will continue this another time cause there's planty of more people to put up here

Till all are one!

Posted on 2003.12.11 at 17:13
Current Mood: pissed offpissed off
Current Music: none
Wow I just found out what a bitch Sarah's room mate really is, It muct be nice to be able to pass judgement on people without knowing what's going on. enough of that fat bitch, lifes been rather uneventful, just working and gaming. Won 1st place last night in mech warrior. christmas is soon which means soon there will be much d&din with the guys Yay!

more laters

this could be trouble.......

Posted on 2003.10.12 at 21:16
Current Mood: mellowmellow
Current Music: some country crap sarah's playing :(
ok quick recap on the weekend- on sat I won the Bannson's Raiders prize, today I missed winning the dragons fury by 1 vc im wicked unhappy bout that, and too boot, justin B, bob and I all got boosters since none of us won a prize and i got 1 decent vehicle, and justin got 2 packs and 2 uniques! damn it that whinny bastard, 2 weeks in a row of uniques- and 1 of them was an Atlas :( ok anyways for todays journal entry we have guest writter Sarah Hastings so with out further ado (im not responsible for what she says) --- here's Sarah, my baby --- so, i don't even know who reads this besides me, should be pretty interesting, i'm learning to play mechwarrior, i'm wicked excited about playing d&d, magic, & mechwarrior i'm excited, and best of all i get to do it all with ur very own host josh double j johnson, thats right folks I get to play with your very own JOSH JOHNSON, yes i know, you don't have to say it, i rule, thank you, thank you very much *bows*
and since i am a poet, and well, i'm not really sure what else to write, here i shall write you a poem for your viewing eyes, but mostly for my baby
in the dark of the night
i pray for you to be by my side
sweet and innocent
i want only to wattch you dream
dreams of a life
safe with me
where we can be together
happier then can be
as happy as possible
with my love i send you away
you are my butterfly
i will wait
and when you return
i will know what we have is forever
i thought i had that before
but it was torn away
it was meant to be
and all the tears i thought i cried for him
i was truly crying for you
waiting for you to come my way
waiting to open the door
forever for you
not to shut
till you were safe inside
deep with me
and my life
is now ours
as we share
i give you everything i can
i will bleed for you
breathe for you
hold my breath for you
cry for you
die for you
you name it and i'll be by your side
you name it and i'll be gone
you want me to stay and say the words
you know
i'm telling you now
all you need
is say the words
you name it babe
and you got me for life
my life
and everything it would leave behind
is in ur hands
waiting to be held forever
or simply let go
at your will

--(i didnt read it b4 postin it.. good thing for the edit post button.....) well there you got it till next time i love my baby and im out!

Posted on 2003.10.10 at 13:29
Current Mood: injured
ok well this has been a mixed week, on monday at Raw deal, I found I could pick up a few title belts of this one guy so that will be cool, on tuesday I got the best thing ever BART BRADSHAW!!!!!! woo wooo ( if you dont know ask me later) I gots to see my baby tues- thursday. on wednesday I managed to scratch my cornea, so now Im hurting cause of that and I went to the hospital on thursday for it. also on thursday (yesterday)I got to read (again) about a some people's dislike of me, so I confronted them and things seem to be a a decent state at least between me and the more important of the 3. well Sarah is yelling at me to update so Im trying to think about what to saqy, hmm lets dsee cominig up this weekend is faction wars for mechwarrior, next weekend is crusades, and the weekwnd after that is possible states for magic if i get a deck ready, and Sarah's Grandmother's birthday. all rightie Im outtie folks
I love my baby SEH!!

Posted on 2003.09.14 at 20:03
Current Mood: exhaustedexhausted
Current Music: come on eileen by dexy's midnight runners
Wow its been a rough weekend- i worked 12-6 on firday at shaw's then i was at walmart 10p till 7am sat, the 10a til 5pm at shaws on sat then 10-8am (!) sunday then up at 1230 to hang with Sarah. we didnt go into Boston so we (Sarah, me Danielle and Meghan (playa/jerk)) went to dominoes and ate in sarahs and danielles room. I found out they might be switchin victoria for christe so that could be a big plus. tommorrow i work 830-3 at shaws then im off to cards at looney tunes then watchin raw with Bill. well i guess thats it for now, till all are one!

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